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8-16-2016-- A happy customer for a big piece shipped to Chicago


Most folks have several questions and concerns about purchasing a big piece of artwork, not to mention purchasing sight unseen from my website, and with legitimate worries about shipping....
Well, the easy answer is: This aint' my first rodeo.

I've been doing this for a long time, and have figured out through trial and error the best ways to produce, package and ship my artwork around the world. I guarantee everything I produce, and if there are ever any issues, don't worry, I'll take care of it. In 14 years of doing this full time, I've had 2 peices returned for replacement, and 3 damaged pieces while in shipping transit. I'd say that's a pretty good record, and for those issues above, all were taken care of promptly with no cost or hassle to my clients. You don't have to take my word for it. Here is a recent email from a very happy patron in Chicago from earlier this summer on his custom sized piece:


"Dear Craig-

Now that my “Teton river Sunset” has arrived and actually been hung at my cabin in the “Driftless Area” of Wisconsin I wanted to reiterate just how pleased I am!!!

It, literally and perfectly, completes my little place and I am ever grateful for your help in custom printing a size that fills the space most appropriately; little did I know when I first viewed the website that you offered that capability.  Craig, the reclaimed barn wood framing couldn’t look better and I rest easily knowing how this particular print is backed since our climate is subject to considerable variations in humidity.

I hope that none of your prospective customers let the idea of shipping such a piece halfway across the country dissuade them from making a purchase as the whole process was virtually a breeze and the over the top attention to detail in the crating as well as your communication throughout should make anyone comfortable.  The first time I saw your panoramic of “Three Dollar Bridge” hanging on Mike’s wall down in Big Sky I promised myself I would own a piece of your gorgeous artwork.  Thank you for the professionalism and expertise that let my dream come true. Be well."

Jim B -
Chicago, IL

Time to get back outside and reconnect.


"The Light Above Paradise"

As with many people today, I have become very burnt out on the constant bombardment of news, stories and information. This love-hate relationship  with technology and its current intertwining with my life, livelihood and links to current and past relationships is a hard path to follow that I constantly struggle with.

From the need to feel connected by reading what is going on in the world, with my clients, my friends, and now with "virtual" friends -- to the desire to be disconnected from everything and reconnect with nature becomes more and more intense each day.  A tiny computer called a phone now goes with me everywhere I go, allowing me more connection and communication than ever before, yet I find myself feeling even more disconnected using it less and less. Preferring instead to shut everything down, and by disconnecting…actually reconnecting.

This is part of the cycle in which most artists participate by immersing themselves in society, then relinquishing this connection to search for isolation and silence in order to tap into the source. The place of creation that, in turn, communicates back with the masses in order to remind ourselves of the power of being in the moment to recognize all that is around us.

I am lucky in that I have found a place in which I can achieve all of these things through the process of landscape photography.  Where silence, solitude, creativity and connection are achieved by searching, waiting, watching and receiving. When I am isolated and connected with the source, open to what is given, I no longer "take" photos, but am "given" them, and for this I am truly grateful.


Timelapse sample of production on a large format panoramic canvas: 24 hours of work in 30 seconds...


I love being able to produce each image from start to finish!
Concept to capture, processing to printing, finishing to framing...


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Hi Craig,

Your photos of Montana have an emotional and epic feel to them.  I actually said, "wow" out-loud when your homepage loaded.

Jim Read More ...
Hi Craig,

I received the poster that I ordered from your website.  It is breathtaking!!!  I expected it to be wonderful but it is so much more!  I look forward to enjoying it for years to come.  Makes me want to plan another visit to Bozeman!!! 
s so very much!  I appreciate you signing it too.  I love that touch!  You really do great work!
Read More ...
"Hello Craig, First, thank you for the great photo of Three dollar Bridge that we gave to the Attorney General - he loves it. It is now proudly displayed in his office for everyone to see."

Craig Sharpe

Executive Director, Montana Wildlife Federation Read More ...
"Craig, thank you so much for your quick shipping of the Bridger Bowl print we ordered last week. We just got it framed, and it is flat out amazing!!!!! My dad is going to absolutely love this years Christmas present more than anything ever. Keep up the good work!"

Nancy VanDermolen

Minneapolis Minnesota Read More ...
...Viewing his 180-plus degree panoramas is as close as you can get to actually visiting scenic places such as the Bridger Range, Paradise Valley, and Lee Metcalf Wilderness. Hergert's ability to capture and highlight the diversity and grandiosity of landscapes makes the average Montana postcard look like a Kodak Instamatic snapshot. © "Montana Out Read More ...
"Craig, your work is just simply captivating. I've never seen anything like it, I catch myself getting lost in the amazingly detailed and creatively composed panoramic images that capture the Montana landscape and lifestyle better than any photo I've ever seen in my life."

Brian Hurlbut

Author, "Falcon Guide to the Greater Yellowstone Region" Read More ...
...We received the book yesterday, it is truly beautiful! As an Englishman who has spent a total of about 8 days in Montana in my entire life, it made me homesick for the place....


California Read More ...
"I am thrilled I found your website. The Madison is my husband's favorite river and we fished there on our honeymoon, so this will be a great anniversary present. Your work is beautiful and not only that, it's REAL. In my online search, I saw so many pictures of Montana that looked altered to the point that I wasn't interested in hanging them in Read More ...
Dear Craig,
I was jus
ing through your website and was awestruck by the beauty of your photos. I can’t wait to purchase my first image! It’s just so hard to decide! I live in Bozeman and am getting married at Roy’s Barn next July. I just wanted to tell you that your story is inspirational and you are a blessing to the Bozeman co Read More ...
...I ordered 4 of the Montana Panoramic books; one for each of my in-laws, my father, and my husband and I kept one for ourselves. I just wanted to let you know that everyone loved it, there is endless beauty on every page. I hope the book is doing well and please keep me posted on any new volumes that come out....


Wyoming Read More ...
Hi Craig,

I wanted to let you know that we did receive your book all in good order last friday. Ah what a majestic land it is and your photographs capture it about right, they are truly stunningly beautiful. We sure did see a lot of familiar places, we are itching to get back to Montana next year, until then your book will do just fine..

Thanks again
Read More ...
The book is great!  We absolutely love your work, and will definitely be back at the shop this summer.

Thanks Craig!  I had a tough time choosing which to pick.  You do beautiful work!!!  I used to live in Bozeman and you're photos bring back all the beauty and peacefulness of Montana.  I'm sure I will be ordering from you again!

s again!
Read More ...
...Instead of merely imparting a place in time, as most photos do, Hergert’s panoramics seem to capture the entirety of a scene, from subtle differences in topography and color to holistic form and totality of detail. The result is a more comprehensive engagement of the mind, and a more visceral aesthetic response. When you see an image in Montana Read More ...