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Written by craig
15 June 2012
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"I am thrilled I found your website. The Madison is my husband's favorite river and we fished there on our honeymoon, so this will be a great anniversary present. Your work is beautiful and not only that, it's REAL.

In my online search, I saw so many pictures of Montana that looked altered to the point that I wasn't interested in hanging them in my home. I don't want a gigantic screensaver-type image, and all of the other prints I found looked fake. The colors were way too intense, especially the purples. I didn't want something overly dramatic. I wanted something that Alec would look at and long to be standing right there. I wanted to find something that would make him feel like he's wearing waders.

With your photographs, I found exactly what I wanted. I am so glad I saw your site. I will spread the word about your pictures to my family and friends so they can check it out." - Anonymous