Process and Equipment:
Preface: I only describe a bit here about process in that may help someone else in their discovery as well. Keep in mind a tool is just a tool, no matter how fancy or complex it may be.  It’s easy to get caught up the technology, gadgetry and cool new equipment. But the best camera out there is the one between your ears. Neat tricks and shooting techniques do not override the need for a good composition.  Educate yourself, practice, be prepared, go out and shoot, learn to use your delete button, work hard to always be in the right place at the right time, and of course...a little luck can never hurt.

In capturing the images, I use basically two simple tools, a large format 6x17  film camera with Fuji Velvia 50 slide film, and a few digital 35mm SLR's (Currently 2 Canon 5d Mark II's) Shooting film is used for a variety of compositions when digital stitching will not yield the best result, such as when shooting moving objects and aerials. Film is a quite a bit more expensive to shoot today and I'm using it less and less. However, there is nothing quite like looking at a properly exposed giant 6x17 or large format color slide negative on a light box and seeing the amazing color and sharpness from the magic chemical process of film. 


When film is not used, I use high resolution digital capture. All of the digital captured panoramic images are produced by shooting multiple 35mm photos in a row, or multiple rows shooting horizontal and/or vertical. Each photo is captured at the same time usually within 1 to 30 seconds depending on exposure needs. Using a level tripod and panoramic head with proper lens configurations is vital for an accurate stitch, especially in compositions with close up subject matter, or in low light situations. However, I find the tripod very constricting and heavy especially when hiking, and with much practice, have shot at least half of the images by rotating the camera by hand. After stitching the digital negatives together, the image is then cropped and adjusted to remove any dust or spots, and to fix any stitching anomalies that may have resulted during the overlapping process. With today's exact pixel matching stitching software, the resulting images are almost 100% accurate, although there may be the occasional overlap mistake. No digital changes to the photos are made except to patch very small areas of sky or other detail parts of the photo that may need repair after stitching, or as otherwise noted for illustration purposes.

To maximize proper exposures, I use a wide range of on-lens polarizing, neutral density, and gradient filters when shooting. In addition for both digital and film, I sometimes then utilize post production digital darkroom techniques such as graduated filters, dodge, burn and levels adjustments after color correcting in RAW format to produce the final digital negative used for printing. Once the final image is created, it is sized, saved and cataloged to the library, then backed up both on and off-site for safe keeping. Each image is then uploaded to the website for viewing, and offered as limited & open edition prints on a wide variety of the highest quality archival photo art papers.

Sample setup of filters for the "Impressions" series

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"Craig, thank you so much for your quick shipping of the Bridger Bowl print we ordered last week. We just got it framed, and it is flat out amazing!!!!! My dad is going to absolutely love this years Christmas present more than anything ever. Keep up the good work!"

Nancy VanDermolen

Minneapolis Minnesota Read More ...
"Craig, your work is just simply captivating. I've never seen anything like it, I catch myself getting lost in the amazingly detailed and creatively composed panoramic images that capture the Montana landscape and lifestyle better than any photo I've ever seen in my life."

Brian Hurlbut

Author, "Falcon Guide to the Greater Yellowstone Region" Read More ...
"Hello Craig, First, thank you for the great photo of Three dollar Bridge that we gave to the Attorney General - he loves it. It is now proudly displayed in his office for everyone to see."

Craig Sharpe

Executive Director, Montana Wildlife Federation Read More ...
Hi Craig,

I received the poster that I ordered from your website.  It is breathtaking!!!  I expected it to be wonderful but it is so much more!  I look forward to enjoying it for years to come.  Makes me want to plan another visit to Bozeman!!! 
s so very much!  I appreciate you signing it too.  I love that touch!  You really do great work!
Read More ...
The book is great!  We absolutely love your work, and will definitely be back at the shop this summer.

Thanks Craig!  I had a tough time choosing which to pick.  You do beautiful work!!!  I used to live in Bozeman and you're photos bring back all the beauty and peacefulness of Montana.  I'm sure I will be ordering from you again!

s again!
Read More ...
...Viewing his 180-plus degree panoramas is as close as you can get to actually visiting scenic places such as the Bridger Range, Paradise Valley, and Lee Metcalf Wilderness. Hergert's ability to capture and highlight the diversity and grandiosity of landscapes makes the average Montana postcard look like a Kodak Instamatic snapshot. © "Montana Out Read More ...
...I ordered 4 of the Montana Panoramic books; one for each of my in-laws, my father, and my husband and I kept one for ourselves. I just wanted to let you know that everyone loved it, there is endless beauty on every page. I hope the book is doing well and please keep me posted on any new volumes that come out....


Wyoming Read More ...
Dear Craig,
I was jus
ing through your website and was awestruck by the beauty of your photos. I can’t wait to purchase my first image! It’s just so hard to decide! I live in Bozeman and am getting married at Roy’s Barn next July. I just wanted to tell you that your story is inspirational and you are a blessing to the Bozeman co Read More ...
Hi Craig,

I wanted to let you know that we did receive your book all in good order last friday. Ah what a majestic land it is and your photographs capture it about right, they are truly stunningly beautiful. We sure did see a lot of familiar places, we are itching to get back to Montana next year, until then your book will do just fine..

Thanks again
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...Instead of merely imparting a place in time, as most photos do, Hergert’s panoramics seem to capture the entirety of a scene, from subtle differences in topography and color to holistic form and totality of detail. The result is a more comprehensive engagement of the mind, and a more visceral aesthetic response. When you see an image in Montana Read More ...
Hi Craig,

Your photos of Montana have an emotional and epic feel to them.  I actually said, "wow" out-loud when your homepage loaded.

Jim Read More ...
"I am thrilled I found your website. The Madison is my husband's favorite river and we fished there on our honeymoon, so this will be a great anniversary present. Your work is beautiful and not only that, it's REAL. In my online search, I saw so many pictures of Montana that looked altered to the point that I wasn't interested in hanging them in Read More ...
...We received the book yesterday, it is truly beautiful! As an Englishman who has spent a total of about 8 days in Montana in my entire life, it made me homesick for the place....


California Read More ...